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*~( The Interesting Welcoming of a Prince )~*

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1 *~( The Interesting Welcoming of a Prince )~* on Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:00 pm

[ This is the thread where Prince was being introduced to us, I've put it up here since it was still not finished and since Xin and Cail didn't get the chance to meet her =3 .. it killed my fingers XuX ]

"seriously, its DEAD OVER HERE. it is writhing on the floor, bleeding." Said Samantha

"my, seems like someone lost their patience -./ /' and here I thought 'I' was impatient" she looked at Sam "yo, Kid. Been a while" and grinned.

Sam jumped slightly "Oh! its you... Agony, right?"

She glanced at her with an angry eye "Yes, that is my memory, Agony. But I expect you to be calling me with my name, Miko, I have it for a reason, no? -./ /"

Sam glanced away. "Sure... Miko..."

Miko looked coldly at her "it's rude to address your elders without looking at them, Child. Need I teach you manners all the way again?"

Sam looks at her. "No thanks, I've had enough of home improvement from our last disagreement."

Miko chuckled, slowly, and creepily, which slowly turned up into a sarcastic-over-prideful-laugh "it's good to see you finally realized the difference in power level and control between you and I" she smirked as she was looking at her "glad to hear ya learned yer lesson, you had to learn it the hard way, though" and grinned "now, to teach the rest of the kids around here -./ /'' ...." she rubbed her head

".....lesson? Get real, i just dont feel like fixing walls anymore. and as for our power diffrences, i could care less, seeing as i dont plan on fighting you again." sam said casually, leaning against the wall.

"-AHAHAHAAA~~~HAHAHAHAAA~!!!" Sam's words only made Miko's laughter louder and creepier "sounds like the words only a Sour Loser uses as an excuse to me" and had a huge victorious grin over her face "and of course you would care less, as you have finally realized the fact behind 'me' overpowering you both mentally and physically; and so you have lost interest" she ran a hand through her hair, sending some blocks of it backwards "but; it's a wise decision you made -./ /, since you'd lose through all~ of them" she returned to her creepy chuckle. And sat over a chair, crossing her legs over each other.

"SSSSSSSSSaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm~!!!!!" Prince came running down the hall, and crashed into Sam. Hugging her tightly. "SAM~! I got lost! I couldn't find you! Meanie! Why didn't you look for me?!" She pouted as she looked up at Sam with large eyes, then noticed the other in the room. She looked over at Miko. "Who the hell are you?"

Miko frowned at the 'intruder' as her eye examined her "asking about others before telling about yourself. Even worse; with a rude accent" she stood up and shot the little girl with a sharp glare "and breaking into houses without asking for Entrance Permission" she crossed her arms "it's in my power to kick you out with all rights; but I expect to hear answers from you first." and coldly addressed the little girl.

"Entrance Permission?" The young girl questioned as she let go of Sam. "Since when do I need permission to visit my friend?!" She huffed as she crossed her arms across her chest. "If you gotta know - my name is Prince. Sam brought me here - but then I got lost."

She ignored the little one right away and directly turned to Sam, looking rather angry "you are not allowed to bring trash into the House, understand? Specially trash you bring with you from the Black Order" she glanced at Prince again coldly "This is the Summer House, you are not allowed to step a foot inside without permission taken from Chrome, the Captain of this place, or Roma, the Vice-Captain. Do you understand you too?"

"Right....My bad...." Prince mumbled to Miko. At least Johny was able to teach her some manners. Like knowing when to say sorry. "You gonna throw me out or do I have the pleasure of walking out on my own?"

Miko smirked, with a rather pleased look "hmm.."

she examined Prince with her eye again "you're not as arrogant as the other 'trash' next to you" she shot an eye at Sam, then looked back at Prince "at least you show some manners and respect to your Elders -./ / something she had to learn the hard way ||D" and grinned with yet another pleased and satisfied look over Sam "well," she addressed Prince "something about you amuses me, and since I'm bored; you may stay as long as I'm around"

"Isn't that suppose to be my decision, as you just said yourself, Miko?" Miko could feel a hand from behind on top of her head. "Could you so kindly stop the bickering?"

Chrome threw his glance towards Prince. "She is right, though. For now, the stigma allows you to enter any house you wish. But it will be on own risk.... You will not be welcomed by everyone, considering your past. Samantha should have at least explain you that much..." He then ganced towards Sam. "We wouldn't want the history towards Autumn house to repeat itself, Sam. You've taken her under your care, then act towards it. don't leave her unattended..."

"She might have mentioned that...." Prince said with a small nervous laugh escaping her lips. She looked towards Miko. "Sorry again..." She mumbled, looking away slightly. She wasn't good at this sort of thing..

Miko said in a rather sarcastic tone, throwing her arms behind her head; "haai~ Taichou~".....................

then crossed her arms, "tch.. #" and strangely enough; actually quit pickering. In the end; it was a request from the only man she respects and listens to.

she looked at Prince, with her usual same cold glare "whatever," and pointed at her "just don't expect me to trust you, whether you have stigmata on your head or not; you were once a Trash living with the Black Order, and that's enough reason for you to remain Trash in my eyes, becoming Noah or not." then looked off and closed her eye "like my Captain here said; you won't be welcomed by everyone;" Miko then looked into Prince's eyes daringly, coldly, and creepily; "I'm a perfect example of this statement, you are NOT welcomed by me, by any chance."

"You are order trash too, Miko." The man defended Prince in a cold tone.

Miko had her eye open widely in shock, gritting her teeth at the very pitiful memories she so despised "right, but of course, my dear beloved Taichou," she turned to Chrome, trying to maintain her cool look on the outside, but Chrome can clearly sense her boiling with Anger from the inside, " I surely am but another Order Trash!" she said loudly, extending her arms open "But!" then pointed out with her index "I believe I have paid the price for this dearly and harshly, did I not?" she pointed at her left eye, that is now covered with her eyepatch "or need I remind you of this, huh? Even though you were the one to take it out yourself.. Or of the suffering I had to endure? At least I didn't choose to live there, going all happy-goody, laughing and having fun with all the Exorcists" she dropped both her arms down, taking a step back "yet I'm still called an Order Trash, even though I was taken against my will, locked in prison like a rat, all alone.. only awaiting to go through their hellish experiments, over and over again.." a shiver escaped her, she then chuckled sarcastically, still unable to believe the words she heard out of his lips "too bad, guess it wasn't enough... Well then!" she clapped her hands, and looked coldly into his eyes "you're indirectly saying that I shouldn't be here as well, want me to leave the House too, Taichou?"

"I'm not saying you need to leave, I'm saying she doesn't have to. I understand the pain you've been trough. But don't look down on her. She's in pain too. a different pain, indeed, but nearly as worse.

You asume that just because she had allies she hasn't been through terible things.

I appologize for going overboard, but you did so aswell, Miko. Appologize to Prince.
" Normally, Chrome wouldn't bother over a new member all this much, especially against Miko. But since it was Miko, who knew him so well, she could see that Prince's past was in a way important to Chrome.

She frowned at him "don't compare me to her.. don't compare to me anyone.." said as she flinched her hand closed tightly, and a rather low voice tone

"what you've said is already said, and as your follower I took it in, I didn't ask for an apology, nor do I have the right to object." ....

'Thanks for bringing back to me some of my ..wonderfully painful memories' she thought, as she had already felt defeated by then, and powerless , shaken by her own Agony, "Then again, I appreciate an apology coming from my Captain. Do support her as much as you want, but never expect me to do the same. Or need I remind you?" she looked coldly and numb at him "I take orders from no one. I'm your little rebellious 'Trash'"

Chrome's eyes narrowed. "I recalled, thank you.... just don't believe that you're the only one hurt, Miko Urahara. I know what I did, but you don't seem to realize very well yet..." He looked off from Miko, towards Sam and Prince. "Well then, now that that is settled, let's discuss further matters over a cup of tea...." He pushed Miko along towards the kitchen. "I'll make you juice too, so let's forget about it, no-brain..."

She followed him around "whatever you want, Taichou.." rather submitive
'I won't forget about it until we're alone and I get to punch you really really really hard, you jerk.. Even though you're a mindreader; you dun understand a single thing about me..' she thought, though she managed to pull a smile, even if a sad one, juice always was something she looked forward to, specially ones made by Chrome.

All Prince could do during this coversation was watch. She had sat herself on the ground, looking back and forth between the two as they argued. When it was finished, and Chrome mentioned tea, Prince stood up. She debated whether to follow them or not, Miko sort of scared her...But she followed slowly behind anyways. She just didn't say a word.

"If you wish to punch me then that's just fine. But consider this, Miko. If you denny her, you denny me aswell. She resembles who I used to be quite a bit. Perhaps it's you who doesn't understand me, Miko...." Chrome glanced to the direction where Prince was, but didn't mention it to Miko.

"That child is just as scared as we all are. please be more considerate. I'd rather have her an ally then an enemy. and harsh words will make her an enemy. currently, you are in the most raw state of your noah, so you should know best how important allies and family are to the Earl."

Miko looked down and fell silent, for quite a long while, her front hair bangs covering her eyes ".............................."

she thought of his words over and over again, perhaps it wasn't wise to miss with something precious to the Earl, which is his family, in the end; she doesn't want to end up punished again.

She moved a hand through her hair and sent it back, away from her eyes "whatever.." realizing that she has become the Antagonist in this situation, then again; 'the Family's all time Antagonist' as she thought

She looked off and turned to Prince, looking at her for a while, then started approaching her "you're damn lucky to have caught Taichou's attention," and patted her head in an 'older-sister' style "I should be jealous.." she said with a sarcastic smile, "be grateful that you became important to him," she turned off from them both, "have fun in Summer House, or whatever they say in such situations" she said as she walked away, waving a hand, staying would only make matters worse.

Chrome sighed. "though she might not look it, she's really a good girl. Don't hate her for anything."

Prince just stared at Miko for awhile. She would never understand adults. Never. She looked over at Chrome with a smile on her face. "Hate her? I like her! She's really cool~!"

"It's just a way of speaking, shorty. You were scared, right?" He patted her head.

"Don't call me short!" Prince hissed up at chrome as he patted her head. "Maybe just a little..." She mumbled, hoping chrome wouldn't hear.

"It's not your fault. she's a little apathetic to new things... do you want to come and help me out with the tea?"

"Sure!" Prince said happily as she walked over to Chrome.

"Wah, there you are!" Sam said, walking in. "Dont go running off like that, i was looking for you everywhere..."

"She was just out to help with tea -.- You're too easily distracted, Samantha..." Chrome grabbed a bunch of teacups.

Roma had entered the compound pretty unnoticed. Until he collided with the young prince.
"Whoa! Watch your step!" Roma caught her out of reflex. However the man she just collided into was stained with old -gone black- blood.

"ouch." The girl said when the older, and much taller person collided with her. She looked up at the man who had caught her from falling flat on her face. "Oi~ You need to watch where your going too!"

Roma looked a little wondered at the new face. "I'm sorry, didn't mean to knock you down" He smiled. "I'm home everyone!" He spoke on a little bit of a louder voice.
"Please to meet you. I am Roma, the Vice-Captain of this house. Chrome already told me I could expect you"
"Welcome to the summers house"

He was in a cheery mood today, happy to have returned from a long-time mission. He threw his head around the corner of the kitchen and saw Sam "Hello Sam, meight be a bit fast, but can you hand me a towel of sorts?"

"ROOOOMAAAA~!!" an even louder voice could be heard, as a dashing Miko approached, running over to where the Vice-Captain was.

Coming at a high speed; she literally ran over Roma, slammed into him and ended up falling along with him,

She crawled back to him, and put her hands over his shoulders "Why didn't you take me along with you!" perhaps he was the only one able to understand her need of going out into missions, in this form; they seemed to understand each other's minds. "You said you'd give me a share of those missions you take!"

Sam watched with mild amusement. "Hey roma, long time-" She pauses when she notices the blood.

Cornered under miko's body he pulled a big smile and broke out laughing on seeing her this fired up

"Don't worry Miko~ With Captains consents, there are a bulk of missions waiting!" He got up and threw his captain a smile, as he got up.
His golden eyes shimmered with happyness of being home again. "It's been too long!" He said towards Sam.

"I hope you have been good captain?" He gave a short bow in his direction.

Chrome didn't answer the smile, noticing as to how free Miko acted around Roma. Something he had clearly failed in.Another big step on top of Chrome's precious pride.

"So self-centered, even though you're hardly around...." He then grabbed Prince's shoulders from the back and pulled her to him. "She's not a member just yet, so you'll have to wait until you can hog her for yourself too. First Nellia, now Sam and even Miko.... I'll keep this one for myself just a little longer, vice-captain-kun."

Roma spotted the expression going together with those words.. "If I am correct, all I did was; Say hello, answer a question, and introduce myself.." I'll leave the judgement of self-centered-ness too you. He thought.

"I'm sorry, your still in the decision making process?" He glanced at Prince.

Miko wasn't pleased with the sight of Prince being too close to Chrome, either. But she didn't want to start another argument concerning her, and give her the feeling of having more attention, something she was envying her for. " "even Miko" you say.." she said as she stood up on her feet again "Nobody can claim 'me' that easily" she looked at Chrome "I'm sure you -of everyone- are well aware of that" she sighed "I thought you said you were going to make me some strawberry juice... busy keeping the little Prince for your own?" she closed her eye, and let out a deep sigh ".. well, have fun, Taichou."

Then entered the kitchen, grabbed a strawberry, then lent against the doorway "oi, Roma, now that you're back home; make some of those strawberry pouffe you made for me before, they were delicious -./ /" she started licking the strawberry she was holding.

Sam glanced at Miko. "Will you ever get off your high-horse?"

She turned back to Roma. "I-its good to see you again... " she rubbed the back of her head. "Your clothes are stained though..."

Miko stopped licking the strawberry and her figure froze that way for a while,

a second later; she was already in front of Sam, grabbed her neck forcefully and raised her off the ground as the strawberry fell off to the ground "don't... mess.. with... me.. when I'm in a bad mood.." blueish aura raised around her as her grip tightened around Sam's neck "you won't like me when I'm angry... or need I remind you?" Miko gritted her teeth, trying to hold herself back; but she was already having a very bad day, and Sam triggered her "I didn't even address you, so keep your God damn comments to yourself!" she shouted "I don't want to break a certain promise I made to a certain someone.." she said with a rather sad tone.

Prince looked up at Chrome. What exactly did he mean? She decided to ignore it as she saw Miko head towards Sam. When Prince realized what Miko was doing, she ran towards her and Sam. "Hey! Don't take your anger out on her!" She said, grabbing one of Miko's arms and pulled it, trying to get her to let go of Sam.

Still grabbing Sam by the neck off the ground; Miko slowly looked down at Prince, her eye completely lost its luster, a rather cold and empty shell, a blain empty golden shade ".......... 'anger'... ? " she tried to recognize her, but her mind was a complete mess; she forgot who she was, where she is, or why she's here, who are those people around her, who's that person she's grabbing in her hand, or this feeling in her heart, 'this feeling..' she thought "..... Agony..." nothing made sense to her anymore

"Sam!" Roma had yelled. But he realised that if he did too much, hg'd become a hassle too.
Still he observed Sam closely. Pained by the thought.. but he had to wait. Otherwise the situation would grow worse any second.

As he saw Miko's reaction later, he striked his change to try and pry Miko's hand from Sam's neck. He caught her, as he stared to miko's confusion. 'Prince, you'd better step back. This can get dangerous..." He said on a still calm voice.
"Captain!" He yelled to Chrome. "What's going on?! Should I take Sam and Prince out of here?"
His worried look shifted to Miko again, still holding Sam..

Chrome grabbed Miko's arm. "Such a hassle you keep on making." He twisted the arm to her back, forcing her to pipe down, but not hard enough to actually hurt her. "Roma, take the girls. Miko, you are 1/10th of a step removed from being restrained from seeing anyone next to me and Roma again. "

Roma guided Sam by the hand, and signalled Prince "Follow me.."
His face stood grim. He took them to the other end of the compound to the outer gardens. He ordered an akuma to bring tea to calm everyone down.
"Are you alright Sam?" He spoke as he sat down.

"Miko..... I understand that you're unhappy about some things, but not everything can go your way. The way you're acting now is just spoiled and inappropriate and you'll become an outcast like this. Do you understand that, Miko? You'll be ALONE if you continue like this!"

"......." she didn't struggle with Chrome at all, nor even tried to free her arm

"of course... it turned out to be my fault again.." she looked at Chrome, with a very empty expression " it's all my fault, yes?"

"perhaps it's wise of you to throw me out of this place.. I don't know if I can keep that pact anymore... I'd rather be alone than break a promise.." she smiled "then again.. am I not alone already, Taichou?"

".... let go of me.. I don't belong here.."

".........." Chrome kneeled to her eye sight. "Miko... The moment you'd leave here, you know I'd go along with you. I could never send you off. You do belong here, Miko. You're eveyone's little sister... and you're soon going to be my wife... This is the place for you. So don't be scared of other people wanting to hurt you, because you belong here just as much as they do. This is your home." he rubbed her head and pulled her close. "come on, Miko... you're a strong girl. You don't need to fall back on hurting people to get your right, right? You don't need anything like that. I know how hard you're trying. Other people don't always know that and are confused by it.... But you know you're trying hard, right? There's nothing you need to prove them."
You want me to be proud of you, right? Then all you need to do is try hard. You'll sometimes fail. But you'll only lose if you give up, right? So don't give up. Don't give up on things that are dear to you."

She looked at Chrome sadly "they don't see me as their sister anymore... they don't want me around, they don't accept me, I'm just an annoyance to them.." she shook her head "it hurts to know that, you know? How can I exist amongst people that don't accept me?" then looked down "you still think I belong here? They won't even miss me if I died.. they won't notice me if I was to disappear.." she chuckled "I bet they'd say 'oh, good riddance, finally the house can see some peace again' if I was to go.." and her eye began to water "I'm just a burden on everyone's shoulder, specially to you.." she looked at him again "I.. don't think I'm that person you wanted as your wife anymore.. this hole between us only keeps on growing; thanks to me again.." she wiped her eye, and took a deep breath "I think this is the best solution for everyone, your House would be in peace again, and none of them would be in danger from me hurting them"

he pulled her head against his chest and sighed. "It's not like that at all, Miko. The truth is.... Everyone really does want you to be their sister. The only thing is that they're scared that you don't think the same. They're scared that you don't want to be their sister...."
His grip tightened. "I want you as my wife... dearly... desperately... no matter what happened, you are still my Miko. I won't hand you over to anyone else." He snorted, a little sadly. "good heavens, didn't you notice how jealous I am of Roma?" He paused for a moment, letting out another sigh, then patted her back. "A little while ago, Reed asked me if it was okay to marry you while the war was still going on. He asked what was the use of marrying anyway..... I told him that, even if I waited, it wouldn't be a difference. In my heart, I already called you my wife. Knowing that, it'd be better to just make it official then to wait in regret. I also know how important it is for you. This really is the choice I want to make...."

Miko, being this close to Chrome, finally felt safe,

she closed her eye, leaning against his chest made her able to hear his heart beats, it made her feel alive again, and reassured that -right now-; she's not alone, it made her smile.

She looked up to Chrome "won't you.. regret that choice, if I didn't accept my other self before 2nd of July? " she sighed and cuddled him

"even though it was I that made everyone love me and want to be close to me; I'm the very same one that is driving them away and making them hate me.. it feels weird, you know? The things I built with my own hands; are getting destroyed by the very same hands.. I just.. don't know how to stop it.." She hid her face in his chest, something she used to do a lot in her White form. "I'm the person that cheers you up when you're feeling down; and I'm the very same person that makes you feel bad.. it's weird, right?"

"Yes... it indeed is weird. but I don't believe that there is any person who never contradicted themselves. and you know... you've proven that you can break things down which you build, shouldn't the opposite be possible too?"

He buried his face in her hair.

"Marrying you is..... not the finish... it'll only be the start-line. I don't expect things to be picture perfect, both sides accepted or not. Even after, there's no need to rush on carefully building our lifes together...

The only thing that will be needed for a marriage is you caring for me, me caring for you and to both be determined to stay loyal and support the other.

She smiled happily as she looked up to him "un," and nodded, "I know it's selfish, wanting to take control all the time, not giving a chance for my white consciousness to feel, hear, take actions or make decisions.. just sealing her asleep like that.. even though she willingly accepted your offer and shifted to me... unlike me though, even in white; she never sealed me away, I could feel what she feels, hear what she hears, share her consciousness, and ask for my assistance in battle.." she looked down "I really am the bad one in here.. I wasn't really imprisoned as I thought.." Miko held her head with her hands, by now ; she had lost her sense of time, and was rather talking to her own self, the thoughts she refused to confess; are making themselves clear now "that Innocence is long gone now.. why am I still mad..

why am I..


" her eye widened in fear.

"Miko..." he whispered. "....raise your head a little for me..."

Miko could hear his voice in distance, even though he was standing right next to her, she was shifty for a while, until she managed to understand what he said,

She looked up to him "Chrome..?"

Chrome cupped her cheeks and kissed her. just a butterfly kiss, but it was a kiss. Something he hadn't done ever since she had shifted.

"It'll be alright.... You don't have to be scared anymore. The innocence won't hurt you anymore. It can never bind you down again. You're one of us, you have a save homeground here. There's nothing for you to fear anymore..."

Miko slightly blushed, and smiled in gratitude, butterfly or not; it was the very first move Chrome makes to her, since more than 3 months, ever since she shifted. Her smile grew, she suddenly felt happy

"un.." she looked up to him with a cheerful look "I guess you're right.. though, one's fears never seize to end, there always has to come a moment where you get cornered by them.. I'll try to conquer them.. perhaps then things might turn for the best" she closed her eye "I feel.. safe.. when you're close like this.. my mind feels at ease too .. erm.." Miko looked around her nervously "I.. probably never said that word officially before.. but.. I.." she looked back at him again "I think.. you do deserve it.. standing by my side loyally all this time, despise how badly some of my actions were.." she bit her lip for a while, then held his hand with both hers ".. th-.. Thank you..."

She then quickly looked off, "-////// you're the first one to hear it and you won't get this chance again, so, you may feel special" and smiled

Sam looked away from Roma, rubbing her neck. "Why... Why cant i keep my fucking mouth shut?!" she shouted, sitting on the ground. "why does she hate me? Is it because we fought? Neither of us even won! Fuck!!" she grabbed her hair as she tried not to cry. "I'm not out to make enemies...!"

Prince stood up and hugged Sam. "Don't worry Sam, I don't think she hates you." She said, trying to make Sam feel better. "She's just a bit....off right? After all, weren't you the one that told me she was normally nice?" Prince let go of Sam, giving her a smile. "I'm going to go check on them!" She said, and without another word she ran back into the building, running down the hallways until she found Chrome and Miko. She stayed a few feet back just in case. "Oi, is everything...okay in here?"

Sam blinked as the small girl ran back to the house, a soft smile growing on her lips. "Silly little Prince..."

Miko looked at Prince "damn you little one 'B| I was having a moment with my supposedly Fiancee" She ran a hand through her hair as she turned to Prince "myeah, everything is fine when that Baker stays out of my sight." she frowned, clearly indicating that she is very mad at Sam "you seem like a wise little one there, kid, you might consider telling your friend some advice for me; 'Stay the Hell out of my way' she was only lucky I held back a little and that Chrome and Roma stopped me." She smirked "or else; I would've done some really nasty things.." her smirk turned to a grin.

Prince laughed nervously. "S-Sorry about that." She said, she hoped she didn't make Miko mad... "I'll make sure to pass that on." She said, turning around to leave. She then turned back to look at Miko an Chrome, with a smile on her face. "Thanks for the...interesting welcome." She said before turning around and running back the way she came, back to Sam and Roma in the gardens.

Chrome sighed, rubbing miko's hair. "For so far your determination, huh -.-' "

" -./ /~* heh, you'd be surprised at how far my determination can go" she then put her fingers over her chin with a silly smirk escaping her "-u/ /~* she liked my welcoming, eh? " and said sarcastically.

"oh, right," she turned to Chrome again "am I gonna have that strawberry juice which caused this awesome show, or what? B|" and crossed her arms.

Cail stood behind Sam after returning to the house for the first time in ages, his head tilted slightly in confusion."I've missed quite a lot here, haven't i..? You okay?" he placed a hand on her shoulder.

Sam jumped slightly and turned her head sharply, quickly regretting it. "Damn it all...!" she muttered, rubbing her sore neck. She quickly composed herself and smiled at her friend. "Long time no see, Cail-san."

Cail blinked in surprise and sat down next to her. "you're hurt." he didnt return the smile. "what happened?"

"I... I pissed off Miko again. She choked me.... the others had to pull her off, otherwise things would have gotten really ugly..." She said quietly, rubbing her neck.

"Kage." he sighed slightly. "She gets angry very easily, but she's kind of like our miko hiding behind a shell. she feels the same feelings, i guess but has a different way of showing it. its hard to understand. x_x''' " he looked at sam's neck. " just be careful and don't say to Kage what you wouldn't say to Miko....;; thats all the wise words i have for now." he yawned.

Prince ran back to where Sam and Roma were, only to see another person there. She walked up to the other side of Sam. "Everything is fine in there." She looked over at Cail. "Who are you~?" She asked curiously.

Cail looked over at the little girl and raised an eyebrow. "You must be the Prince i've been hearing about... you're shorter than i expected.. =< ...."

Sam elbowed Cail on Prince's behalf. "No height comments."

cail yelped and rubbed his ribs. " what? its true! >B/"

"and blunt! That's my job, remember? Besides, i didn't hit you that hard.... Did I?" she asked, trying not to sound worried.

"We all have our aches and pains, Samantha Baker. B< ......."

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"Oi! Don't call me short!! D<" Prince yelled out to Cail, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'll be taller than you one of these days you know!"

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Cail raised an eyebrow at the girl. trying to take things seriously. "We'll see.. -w-;;" He held out a hand to her."Cail Ganbit, Noah of manipulation. Good to meet you." He decided he liked the girl, she reminded him a bit of Xin.

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Prince stared at Cail's hand for a second before lifting her own and shaking his hand. "Prince. Noah of Vitality." She said before pulling her hand back.

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"yes yes, your highness -.-' I'll go get your royal drink..." Chrome left for the kitchen, finding the group of youngsters.
"ah... Cail, nice of you to join in too. Is Xin around too?" He walked to the fridge, searching for his girl's favorite drink.
"Miko calmed down, if you want to know. Samantha, I won't blame you for what happened, but be a little careful around Miko, alright?"

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Sam looked over at her captian. "I'll make the attempt..." she said softly.

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"Good girl ^^" He patted the girl's head.

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Sam scowled and smacked his hand away. "Do i look like a freaking dog to you?"

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"Yeah, you do Sammy." Prince teased her friend as she hugged her. She grin and let go of Sam, putting her hands on her hips. "And that's the last time I try to get you out of trouble."

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Sam arched an eyebrow. "Got me out of trouble? Sorry to burst your bubble but i think Chrome did that. Wait, am i even out of trouble?"

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"Youre always in trouble, Sam -u-'' no point in denying it...." he looked over at chrome and shakes his head. "i havnt seen her..."

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"shouldn't we be saying that about you, Cail? -.-~*"
Chrome sighed.
"No Xin, huh? heavens, things have gotten boring around here. How about Payne?"
He pared the strawberry juice in a glass, heading for the door.

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Sam grumbles. "I feel like im the Noah of Trouble rather than Voice..."

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[ nah, trust me, Sam'd be considered innocent compared to Black Miko =w= who actually 'Enjoys' causing troubles to others =w=||| ]

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Prince giggled at Sam's statement. "That would fit you Sammy~" Prince said with a girn.

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"Ow shuddap taichou B/ we're talking about Sam here."

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Xin poked her head in. " o.o oohh.. people.. Whats going on here?"

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[yeah, thats sooo comforting. You dont mind if i do a nude pic of Miko and Chrome, do you? Ive already drawn it, but if you dont wnt me to put it on da, i wont]

Sam poked Prince in the forehead, scowling. "Brat."

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[ Approved from my side! /\(*//w//*)/\~<3 *shot for being a pervert* ]

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Prince glared up at Sam and rubbed the stop on her forehead where Sam poked her. "Takes one to know one~" She said in a teasing tone.

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"ah, Xin, you're here after all." He pulled Prince-chan away from Sam and held her towards Xin. "Xin, this is Prince. Prince, Xin."

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Xin blinked at the person before her. " o//.//o H-Hello Prince.." She smiled at her. " It's nice to meet you ^//u//^~! " She offered her hand.

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Sam laughed as her small friend was shown about like a new pet. "Hey Xin, you can play dress up with her! put her in the most girly thing you can find!"

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Prince shook Xin's hand then heard Sam's comment. She turned around quickly and glared at Sam while pulling her hand away from Xin's. "Don't even joke about that kind of stuff! You know I hate that!"

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[ wasn't Chrome in the kitchen? .u. ]

Miko, knowing that pouring a strawberry juice into a glass doesn't take that long; rushed to the kitchen, "well, well... here I was, waiting all alone.." she said as she approached the window, looking at them "to find you all here together having a little party.. and yet again, my request gets thrown aside.." she looked at Chrome "whose fault is it this time, I wonder?" and quickly glared at Sam, a very mad glare "... Mine, my fault for counting on others.." she looked back at Chrome "ow well" and held the window doors with her hands "have fun in your little Welcoming party, I'll have my juice which seemed like a very tiring and troublesome request, without anyone's help." and shut the window in their faces, so rough it made a loud clashing noise.
then opened the fridge, got her juice out and poured a glass for herself 'that's it, I'm going my own way.. alone' she thought
And left the kitchen.

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