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Miko Urahara

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1 Miko Urahara on Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:52 pm

Name: Miko Urahara
Gender: Female
Age: 20 -December 16'th-
Origin: Korea (Though she doesn't remember)
House: Summer
Noah: Agony (true Noah form was revealed after her Innocence was taken off)
Ability: Absorbing wounds to her own body -Healing- or reversing her own wounds onto foes
Weapon: a Giant Sword that she summons out of her shadow, 4 tentacles, and a slight control over shadowy elements.

Info: Miko was held captive at the Black Order since young age for having Innocence in her Left Eye, a Parasitic type of Innocence that had a synchronization rate with her for only 21%

So she was the Order's Science Department's Test Rat, for trying to increase her synchronization rate with her Innocence, to turn her into an Exorcist.

Alastor, what her Innocence was called, acts as her DoppelGanger, her shadow. When she once accidentally activated him after all the experiments they did on her; his looks freaked her out, which turned her berserk and made her break out of H.Q

And it was then, when Tyki found her, in panic and chased by a group of Finders led by one Exorcist Kanda Yuu, and took her back with him to the House of Noah, after killing all the finders, and causing Kanda to retreat.

She grew a fear towards Kanda since that day.

Now she only remembers events of after meeting up with Tyki, her memory is completely lost.

Later on while on a mission with Tyki, whom she grew fund of for saving her; Cross showed up, his main aim was to get Miko back to H.Q. Tyki didn't stand a chance against a General, and Cross' bullets poisoned Tyki's blood. In an attempt to save him; Miko tried to suck his poisoned blood out but instead she got poisoned as well. Road and the Earl showed up and saved them both. Later when they were back home, she had awakened as the corrupted Noah of Pain.

Her memory was Corrupted because her Innocence used her Noah genes and manipulated them, as for Pain it wasn't really her true Memory, but the form of what her Innocence had created out of her genes.

She had only one large Cross in the middle of her forehead, and her Left Eye was Red and had a tattoo surrounding it.

And then she met Chrome Jackle, a lonely Noah who kept pushing her away, which made her more persistent to get him to become more sociable, and eventually she grew feelings towards him.

After a while, her Innocence grew stronger, and Alastor haunted her in her dreams, he filled her head with lies and made her scared of being around her family, all for the sake of trying to get her back to the Black Order

Fearing that he might lose her, Chrome made his attempt and plucked Miko's left eye out, her Innocence. And so she lost her Left eye, but got to stay at her home, being a full Noah now with a complete set of crosses over her forehead.

Miko refused to destroy her Innocence, and it's kept with Chrome for now.

Her true Noah was weakened by the Innocence for she was being fed on, her real memory is later on discovered to be Agony.

Likes: being around Chrome, Tyki and the rest of her family members. Eating Strawberries, dress in her own sense of fashion which is very revealing, The Color Blue, dancing, going out to the beach, free running.

Fears: Loneliness, being locked in tight and small places, Thunder. rain storms.

White Side: Childish, naive, clumsy, cheerful, Good, sweet, faithful, respectful, whiny, calm, kind, slow person, honest, loyal, warm hearted, physically weaker, empty headed

Black Side: Evil, harsh, sadistic, respect-less, mean, powerful, smarter, teaser, dishonest, trusts no one, loyal to only the Earl, heartless, faithless

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