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1 Roma------- on Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:27 am

Name: Roma
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Orgin: Gypsy
House: Summer
Voice actor: Shun Oguri

He was raised by gipsy's, who teached him to play guitar and dance. He was a happy kid, untill in secret his Noah awakened.
When they found out, they continued to live with him. Untill the earl payed a visit. The earl had let some akuma loose on his people, forcing him to fight with his newfound powers... However he went beserk, and killed his entire tribe. After that he
decided to join the earl. Even now he keeps distance to prevent that kind of catasrophy of happening again.
These day's he is known as "Ichizoku no Ansatsu" (Tranl: The clan's Assasin) And because of his ability he only does assasination missions. His character is balanced, and looks sometimes somewhat sheepish. But that's one side of the coin. Since he doens't come home if he is in a faul mood. (Because of the concequences it meight have). Lately he has learned to control himself a bit better, and is more free to show his emotions. He is oftenly seen as a mediator. And is less strict as Chrome. He also has his skills in the gastronomic department.
He has known about Chrome from the start. Since he is an older Noah, but only got to know him personal with the start of the summershouse. They became friends/nemesises...It's a wierd cöexistence between the two. Off all the summershouse, he has only fought Chrome, who posed him a tough fight. His Noah is stable, and not really present or abcent. The threshold between him and his noah is barely noticable.

Likes: His studies, Culture, Tea, calm, serene places, Archery, nature. He is very spiritual and likes things like incenses.

Fears: N/A
Working since Age: Unknown
Noah's memory: Fear
Ability: To manipulate fear in persons
Weapon: Black materia formed from people's fear
Relations: Summers house
Position: Vice-captain of The Summers House

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