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Nero Weiss

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1 Nero Weiss on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:19 pm

Name: Nero Weiss Pronouce: Ne-ro
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Origin: Indonesia
Voice Actor: Takayuki Kondou *DO NOT LAUGH, IT SUITS HIM!*

Son of a teacher who committed himself to teaching children in Indonesia. His mother left after giving birth to Nero to unknown destination. He studied alongside his father.
And he grew up along many orphaned children. He had a pretty much careless youth, and loved studying and reading. Other then his skincolor, he was indonesion at heart.
Not many akuma activity was reported on the islands, however when Nero was 15, a wave of influenza had left a trail of destruction among it's people. Nero had lost his father

then aswell.
Within that period of mourning, the akuma had started to spawn.
When the general Sokaro winters arrived in Nero's old village, he saw many dead Akuma, but no fight trails. At the end of the mistery was Nero's newly awakend and out of control

innocense. Calming Nero's innocense down with a makeshift device, he took him along, and made him begin training. The general coused him more near-death scenarios than that was

good for him.
Somehow he survived the years, and became a skilled marksman with his bow.
He worked under the Oceaniƫ branch untill called up by the main branch.

He is sheepish and a little dense, but understands the situation rather well. He has a kind nature, and trusts people (too) much.
Once back in the home branch, he befriended Yuuyi. And ehy often enjoy tea together.
Nero is a medium-good fighter. In the sense that he is a long-range batteler. He is more vunerable on close combat. He is very fast, but lacks pure muscle.
Nero's innocence is Paracitical, and has a cross-shaped-mark on his throat. He controlls poison. and can poison everything he touches. He has control over his ability.
The way he fights is with a long-bow and arrow, poisened arrow. Both are made in the branch's armory.
He is a fast runner, and works best as a messenger/scout.
He can cure diseases, but not on a matter of a moment. He can adjust the amount of anti-bodies inside someone's body to help them fight the disease.
Later he developes the ability to sterilise, and stimulate the healing of flesh-wounds.

Likes: His studies, Culture, Tea, calm, serene places, Archery, nature. He is very spiritual and likes things like incenses.

Fears: Harm, dark places, Komui, anything that makes a mess.
Working since Age: 15
Innocence: Doku (Poison)
Innocence Type:Parasitic
Innocence Ability: To either poison any area up to 200Mtr. or Sterilize to 1.50 mtr.
Synchronization Rate: 88%
Innocense potential: After attaining Sterilize and heal abilities, 0.9%
Serves Under: Sokaro winters
Relations: Mother (Unknown to him), Yuuyi (friend), Gen. Sokaro Winters (Trainer)
Position: Exorcist, formerly Oceaniƫ branch

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