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Seiren Williams

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1 Seiren Williams on Tue Sep 21, 2010 3:17 pm

Name: Seiren Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 20. 20th September.
Race: Human.
Origin: America.
Occupation: Exorcist
Party: General Klaud Nine.
Mate: None.
Family: None.
Colour: Cyaan
Innocence Type: Crystal/ Parasitic
Weapon/Abilities: Her Innocence creates a number of five Chakrams which float around her, the Main chakram being the biggest. She has complete control over all of them and they are all equiped with huge spikes and if nessecery needles.
Voice Actor: Shannon Chan-Kent


Seiren had a very normal family childhood. She was a bright girl, brown hair and blue eyes with long hair, and with strange birthmarks, five to be exact. They looked like bands, one on either arm and leg and the fith band around her neck.
High School started out as normal. Until she found it very hard to make friends. She found that everyone she did trust ended up lying to her. So she distanced herself. People started to recognise her as she was always alone. She got bullied and pick on because of the advantage to have noone to help you; every day was hell for her. Even her grades started to drop. She said nothing to her parents, not wanting them to find out about the bullying or being alone incased the forced her to make friends. Something she knew she was not able to do.
The bullying stopped as she reached College, but yet she still found herself alone. Finding it difficult to talk to people, each time she tried a barrier stopped her and she recoiled away from people. In order to be noticed she dyed her hair pink. The dye reacted with her hair and the tips turned blue. She did get noticed but not only that she was classed as a freak even more. Whenever she tried to approach a person they quickly moved themself away from her. This was how she thought her life was going to be.

Her Innocence activated half way through her fist year at college, it was on the way home one night when she was walking back to her home, she found it reduced to a pile of rubble, her family disintergrated by the demons curse. She saw the balloon'd Akuma head towards her from the tree's in her front garden. Seiren's innocence instantly reacted to it's presence and activated. The main chakram bursting out of her neck and sliced straight into the Akuma. The others followed bursting out of the bands on her arms and legs., returning back into her once the akuma was gone, leaving a new pattern around the bands itself, making it seem like a tattoo. With the Akuma destoryed and her house and family also, Seiren was truely alone.
Kluad nine was in the area after an Akuma had been notified in the area. She found Seiren and during the next few months, taught her about innocence and the purpose she was needed for. Seiren was instucted to head for the Black Order and start her first missions and her new life there.


Seiren is now working for the Black Order. Training on keeping her innocence stable, after her first mission was barely completed; after having a run in with the Noah Cail Ganbit; Seiren was lucky to still be alive. Currently she is still recovering and training. Helping down in the Medical area with a fellow Doctor namesd Deklan; her only friend.


Soon after arriving at the Black Order Seiren found herself tripping over things, which lead to her meeting Deklan; a Doctor working at the Black order. She soon becme interested in him, he was the easiest person to understand and that didnt push her away first time.
So, she kept hurting herself which made her spend more time with him in the medical area.
She also has a tattoo

Seiren tried to protray herself as a fun loving person who is always up for new things. Though deep down she is extremely timid and faulters a lot on new ground. She is extremely loyal to the people she does make friends with, and gets hurt easily when they decieve her and leaver her alone again. She is naturally a lonely person.

Hair - Styled, pink hair colour with blue tips.
Skin Colour: Pale
Eyes- Bright blue
Height- 5" 8
Weight - 11stone
Features- Scares, She has three on the left side of her cheek and one down her right.
Dress style- she likes to wear anything and everything.
Acessories- None.

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err.... misa amane is in japanese our dear Miko .__.

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ono ;; but shes not in japanese this is her english voice actor ono'
I havent thought of her japanese voice actor yet >n>

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we should all just keep it on japanese, dear -.-

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Oh well... i didnt -oo-

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