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Jet Honor.

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1 Jet Honor. on Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:16 pm

Name:Jet Honor
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
DOB:Aug 2
Likes: Prince, acrobats, fire
Dislikes: Rain, the fact that he gets flustered easily.
Personality:He's a typical teenager, with a thirst to find out everything in the world. He's curious, sarcastic, and hot-headed. Though he sometimes gets flustered easily.
Jet's parents were from a pretty normal family in France, they ran a bakery. His father was French, his mother was American. Jet was to young to cook, but he enjoyed watching the flame on the stove. This one day, caused him trouble as he accidently burned the bakery down, killing his mother in the process. His father then shunned him when they got a new house, He would lock Jet in his room during store hours (he opened another bakery), and would keep a close eye on him when they were just hanging around the house or going out.
When Jet was 12, he came home from his friends house, to find his father dead on the floor - and a level 2 akuma standing over him. Jet ran for his life, though the akuma caught up to him. It was quickly destoryed by one of the Generals of the Order - Cloud Nyne. She informed him that she was looking for Jet, because an innocence was calling out for him. Though he didn't know to much about inncocence, or Cloud herself, he decided to travel with her - after he burned down his house, with his father's body still inside.
Jet trained and traveled for a year with the General, before she took him to the Order for the first time. He was given a uniform, and met with the rest of the staff there. Cloud then left him in the care of the Order, saying since he was 13, he could take care of himself. He just smiled and told her to be safe on her travel.
His relationship with Prince:
While at the Order, Jet hung around the Science department when he didn't have a mission - eventually meeting Prince, who was twelve at the time. They became really close friends, since Jet was only a year older than her. When his hair became long (and he refused to cut it) Prince started to put his hair up in ponytails - and give him make up just to mess with him. Though, he didn't mind and they both started to wear to much eyeliner - making odd designs under their eyes.
When Prince became a Noah, it was a day before Jet's birthday. She ran away that night, leaving both him, and her 'Papa' Johnny a letter. She wished Jet a happy birthday, and said sorry that she couldn't stay. She also left a small picture of the two together, which Jet now keeps in his locket, next to the picture of his parents. He believes that Prince will come back to see him someday, and is still waiting for his childhood friend.
Extra facts!
- Cloud taught him some acrobatics aswell
- His innocence is a staff that can produce fire at each end (equipment type) Synchronization at 75%
- He gets flustered VERY easily. No matter how cool he tries to act.
- He doesn't like rain at all, it sometimes effects his fighting when he has his inocence activated.

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