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Chrome D. Jackle

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1 Chrome D. Jackle on Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:08 pm



Chrome Doyle Jackle
20 -November 13th-
Mind reading
voice actor:
Fukuyama Jun

a set of small daggers
his family
alone time
being relied on
purple, red, and gray
listening to music
having his ego stroked
philosophical conversations (mostly with Roma)
children (innocent ones, at the least) and animals
girls in (soft) pink

being left out
being misunderstood
having to use very many words
people who know things better then him

Chrome was born in a relatively rich family in Egypt. his mother was a housewife, his father an english merchant, traveling between egypt and england.
at quite a young age, his father died in a storm and his mother of an illness and depression not too much later. a distant relative noticed his potential intelligence and introduced him to Reever, who was still working at an independent research facility in the middle-east.
Chrome was entrusted to the chemical and technical development department.
as a youngster, Chrome was rather insecure and feeble, so as he started to respect Reever, he became very clingy to him and ignored every other person around. this resulted in him being shunned by the rest of his colleges.
as with any other noah, there wasn't a very significant moment where his powers were awoken. but as they came, he was shocked to be able of reading Reever's heart, finding out he was planning to go to the black order, leaving him behind.
As chrome fled from Reever's thoughts, he ran into his colleges. handling that many thoughts at the same time was impossible for him and he freaked out, killing everyone he could find.
leaving the research lab like a rampaging wild animal and wondering around for a few months, he met the Millenium Earl.
The earl told him reever was alive and that if he would come with him, he would have a chance to kill Reever.
Chrome agreed and went along, but even as a fellow Noah, he could not get himself to like the others, mostly because he could read their minds aswell. he had yet to find a way to stop it and was very disturbed by the others.
That is, until he met Miko Urahara. a rather naive and silly girl. no matter what he'd say to her, she wouldn't go away. her thoughts about him were flattering, but chrome had decided he didn't need company.
he knew, though, that she was dear to his detestable noah-brother Tyki and thought it would be amusing to steal her away from him. over time, Chrome grew feelings towards Miko though and she introduced him to the people who can call themselves his friends today.
as the noahs grew in number, Chrome wanted to keep the ones he cared for close and established the 'Summer house' or 'Clover department', together with his now loyal second man Roma.
After considering, everyone agreed that Chrome ought to be the leader of this department.

through time, Chrome's character has changed as he met people and had multiple experiences.
he started of as an innocent lovely child who became very clingy after losing his parents.
he could be considered anti-social in a way, considering that he'd only want to stay with Reever and no one else.
after his transformation to a noah, he was rather traumatized, which resulted in him becoming very silent and distant. if people would come too close to him, he'd respond very foul and tactless.
as many people grew closer to him, he became a more pleasant person to be with. he has a very high charisma and sense of responsibility. however, he is a very soar loser and still has a deep desire to keep things considered his close to him.
his most recognizable aspect is his sarcasm, making him appear as rather snobbish and arrogant. he can be very sadistic aswell, usually meant as more of a joke to his allies, but a rather unpleasant experience for his opponents.

fighting style
Chrome's main weapon is his mind. he is a strategist by heart and aims for long tactical battles. being able of reading the opponents moves proves to be a very large handicap for whoever crosses paths with him.
in combat, he uses daggers, which can be used to both throw and cut. of the late, he has also been training to use a handgun.
In his full noah form, the most dangerous thing about him is the poisonous aura surrounding him. it may not instantly kill, but it unsharpens the senses rapidly.
as offensive charge, he uses hand to hand combat at a high speed and his final attack, 'Alchemy', binds his opponent to one location on where 2 large snakes will pierce themselves through his opponent.

Is the leader of Summer house
wears reading glasses (+1.00)
his left hand is dominant
Is engaged to Miko Urahara
Has a gollem named Tune
is insomniatic
is bisexual
can be very contradicting
has a red clover tattoo on his left hand
has a snake bracelet on his right wrist
has 2 small red dots in his ears
holds on to Miko's diseased innocence
can go crazy without Tune

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