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Roma came walking in after hearing Chrome's devision of the tasks.
Grinning, he picked up the last gun in the suitcase and grabbed some flare bullets along, pushing them into his pockets while placing the strap of the gun around his shoulder.
"Sorry I'm late, ready when you are!"
The gollem flew over to Xin and smooched into her, whilst Roma took position next to Miko.
"You ready?"

[info for the sharp minded: He was pissed earier, tension and all, he went out to let off some steam and prepare himself for the mission. Being fearless has nasty consequenses as well TAT]

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(will you stop randomly walking in when spoken to, already? =.=' )

Chrome snorted. "What, Roma? Out of everyone, you are the one taking flare bullets along?"

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Miko smiled at Roma and nodded, "Hai! Let's show the best of our team work, Roma-san!"
Miko then turned to Chrome "better move out while night is still out there, less chance of us getting discovered"

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"Allright" the noah faced Miko, and then Chrome "permission to dispatch, captain?"
He glanced to Miko...

[gomen gomen =.= I am happy I am here now. *kicks internet*]

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"Ah, hold on!" Sam said sudddenly as she ran out, she quickly came back with a black bag in hand. "Prince's and my disguizes. With the Ark there, we can easily say were from another branch and they wont think twice about it."

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"Oh yeah~! They have so many people running around, they probably won't notice two more." Prince smiled, going over to sam.

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Roma tapped his feet on the ground while waiting. leaving a bit of a sigh.

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Miko noticed her partner's action "are you alright, Roma-san? You seem a bit nervous" she patted his shoulder

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Roma faced Miko and spoke; "No, just itching to be on my way already. I am not particulary used to waiting on others. Sorry.." he chukled.

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Miko smiled at Roma "ah.. a part of me understands your feeling, I guess ^_/ / .." she stroke a bang of her hair behind her ear "this is my very first official mission in 'white' I go to.. but if I can do it in 'black' alone; I'm sure I can do it in 'white' with a group! ^oo/ /" she was unconsciously encouraging herself up for the mission at hand "and if things went out of hand.... I can always shift ^~/ /; " she seemed to be the one nervous

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"I think that'd work yes..." He turned to Miko. "We'll be playing tag team, so just call if you need me."
His mind strayed off.
"Miko-san, good luck." He smiled. "and to the rest too ofcourse"

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